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Manic Thoughts

In the end, I am aware of what has taken place. I am aware of who people really are, its awoken something in me thats be gone for so long. The drive to do better and imporve for myself, at this age I shouldnt have any worries yet I do. I am a manic depressive 22 year old male individual with such bad anxiety that I can barely ride the subway without feeling uncomfortable with people. My circle had become so small that I am able to see myself at times, and its sickening. Yet this is the way humanity is, on a daily basis I am thankful for who I am as a person and for all of those who have helped me. Whether you remember it or not, I am far from a perfect person but I push my hardest to improve and grown. I refuse to be downsized and degraded due to anothers expectations or simply proving my worth, if its not noticable to whomever then why should I prove to my worth when Im fighting hard to improve myself and continue to grow. As far as it concerns me, I am my only worry. I will not be a hopeless case nor do I need a pity party to cause everyone to kiss me behind and cater to me. If you dont want to do then simply dont, I’ll be fine either way. You aren’t of importance to me if I am not of importance to you, I’ve lost to much and gained much more with the cost of losing pieces of myself in the process. I am, and will always be a man with goals and they will be achieved no matter how long I will work my ass off for it all. Whether I am alone or not, I’ll get forward and continue to strive.. I am me, take it or leave it..

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It’s just not polite!
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